Because Science matters


Research is a fundamental area within the Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation. It comprises a library of fact-based research undertakings and findings developed with experts on our team, our Scientific Advisors, other subject matter experts and thought leaders, to help us identify solutions to many of the challenges facing us in in the area of water, water quality, wetlands, the fishery, aquatic invasive species control, and threatened species.

Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation’s catalogue of research covers long- and short-term cycles of water levels (extreme highs and extreme lows), many engineering reports such as recent proposed solutions to hydrological and conveyance capacity issues, the preservation and enhancement of coastal wetlands,  the issue of invasive species, and other threats to the flora and fauna.

This section of our website will contain some popular research. We will be continually adding new research as it becomes available. Visit frequently to see what is new in this section.

    • Baird & Associates, Rob Nairn, Principal Investigator, Lake Level Prediction for Erie and Michigan-Huron
    • Bill Bialkowski, Water Engineer, Presentation to IAGLR on May 18 , 2017– “Variable Conveyance Routing Model of the Upper Great Lakes”
    • Professor Patricia Chow-Fraser and her Graduate Students at  McMaster University
    • Other Research


An important part of our mission is to also provide accurate, up-to-date information not only to the public but also in detail of greater depth to elected leaders and key officials in government agencies in both Canada and the U.S.

This thrust necessitates personal trips to Ottawa and Washington as well as ongoing communication.