Your donation no matter how small or large helps us

We are passionate and determined to bring our work to a successful conclusion and leave a lasting legacy to you and others who share the joy that Georgian Bay & the Great Lakes bring to us and to our families’ lives.

We are on a mission to work with respected scientific researchers and with concerned groups, individuals and government agencies in order to restore, maintain and, where possible, enhance the quality of the environment (ecological, social and economic) of Georgian Bay as an integral part of the Great Lakes.


Donations help us make a difference because we can continue our work
and bring it to a conclusion for future generations. We depend on private donors, foundations and sponsors like you. In order to carry on this research and education of government agencies, we need to raise $75,000 this Fall.

Charitable donations can help reduce, or even cancel out, the tax you would otherwise have to pay to the government.

You can get more information about claiming donations from the CRA website and your Financial Advisor.