The late afternoon IJC public meeting on August 6, in Collingwood brought together almost 100 people from the Georgian Bay area. In small group discussions, Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation  provided input to Commissioners and IJC staff about the most pressing water quality issues facing Georgian Bay and Lake Huron and how best to address them.

After breakout sessions, Mary Muter and Roy Schatz made statements concerning the need to eradicate grass carp from Ohio rivers and Lakes Erie and Huron, as they can destroy wetlands in short periods of time;  create one IJC board to manage flows throughout the Great Lakes; hold public meetings on water quantity; increase Canada’s role in the Great Lakes Basin Compact to prevent further diversions.


The above were edited from Comments posted about the meeting. See also the  News Items dated Aug 8th for more on the Statements made by Mary Muter and Roy Schatz