Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation has for three years been urging the US to take steps to stop invasive Grass Carp, the greatest threat to our wetlands. Mary Muter, Chair, Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation, reported the following good news on Oct 10, 2019 from the State of Lake Huron Conference, in Saginaw MI.

U.S. Rep Dan Kildee (D-Flint Township) announced US $1M funding to begin a Grass Carp Population Management program while speaking at the State of Lake Huron Conference. This news follows Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation’s considerable efforts and calls to stop the Grass Carp invasion.

We and are pleased that Rep Dan Kildee and Rep Marcy Kaptur led the way for the Bi-partisan passage of this important additional Grass Carp funding amendment. Both the US House and Senate have passed legislation for $1 Million funding to target and remove Grass Carp that are now established on the US side of Lake Erie. The legislation now has to get passed in a joint House and Senate appropriations (funding) bill expected soon. The funds will be given to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, who are already planning a multi-agency response strategy to begin next spring.

Read more about the problem and the steps Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation took to stop this invasion of Grass Carp:

  • > We asked Ohio and Michigan to rethink their study/management strategies and instead implement Grass Carp eradication methods immediately, to target and remove all Grass Carp possible, and to deploy nets to capture and prevent successful spawning and egg hatching.
  • > In August 2018 we held a Benefit Concert in  Tiny Township Community Centre, to have ecologically responsible measures taken at once to eradicate Grass Carp.
  • > We created a petition to the US EPA and the states of Ohio and Michigan to undertake a full-scale eradication program immediately.
  • > Thanks to the joint work of Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation and the Tiny Township Mayor and Council, with reinforcement by the Township of The Archipelago, a final section was added to a resolution passed at the 16th Annual Conference of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Cities Initiative, held June 5-7, 2019  in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.   Mayors from the U.S. and Canada signed the ‘Mayors’ Declaration to Stop Asian Carp, highlighting the need to act quickly and decisively.’“ BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Cities Initiative encourages that measures to eradicate Grass Carp, based on federal risk assessments, be initiated as soon as possible. “
  • > Bay Great Lakes Foundation completed several interviews covered by the media, to bring attention to this crisis. GBGLF was the only environmental NGO focusing strongly on Grass Carp eradication.
  • > Finally, and perhaps most importantly, GBGLF Chair Mary Muter’s email to the Executive Secretary of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, dated May 28, 2019, was instrumental in prompting this organization’s request the following day for funding to enable it to initiate an immediate Grass Carp eradication program. Then, US House of Representatives led by Rep. Dan Kildee and Rep. Marcy Kaptur voted to approve $1 Million for the Great Lakes Fishery Commission to begin what Congress is calling a Grass Carp Population Management program.

If not stopped,  the voracious wetlands-vegetation-eating Grass Carp would rip apart our high-quality wetlands and destroy the spawning and nursery habitat vital to our native fishes.  If all the Great Lakes were invaded by Grass Carp, the cost of the loss of these ecological services could mount to $1.8 Billion per year.

The significant funding of a “Grass Carp Population Management” program represents another milestone in GBGLF’S  work as Stewards of the Great Lakes to protect and preserve them for future generations


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