Baird Report II

Some background before reading this report

Since this work was completed for GBGLF in late 2019 by the internationally respected coastal consulting firm W.F. Baird and Assoc., GBGLF has now investigated the cause of recent “Crisis” high water levels. We obtained St. Clair River flow data from the US Geological Service and the precipitation, runoff and evaporation data from Environment Canada and Climate Change. Our hydrological engineer Bill Bialkowski completed his analysis in early June 2020. He has concluded that the reported St. Clair River flows are exaggerated by up to 43% and as a result the net basin supply numbers (used by all government agencies to be able to blame the current high water levels on above average net basin supplies) are also inaccurate and that in fact for 3 of the past 4 years Lakes Michigan Huron and Georgian Bay have had below average net basin supplies. Further, we compared 2014 satellite imagery of the upper St. Clair River to 2019 imagery and found a significant change showing increased sand and sediments supplies are now moving into the St. Clair River and likely filling in the river reducing the conveyance capacity of the river. This is confirmed by the lack of fall decline on Lakes Michigan Huron when in sharp contrast to the other Great Lakes the water is unable to get off Lakes Michigan Huron and Georgian Bay.

Please consider the above as you read through this careful detailed report by W. F. Baird and Assoc.